Important: We are currently in the process of updating the hybrid listing. Please do not order from the following list. Many of the listed plants are not available. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your patience!

Please refer to Chris Callard’s WEB site at  If we do not have a photo of one of the hybrids listed, then Chris may have one.

A much-simplified explanation of “Hybrids”

Hybrid Vireyas are first created by someone who makes a cross (transfers pollen from one plant to the “receptor” on another), either according to a science-based plan or by impulse. This can be between two species, two hybrids or any combination of the two.

He or she then harvests the resulting seed pod and may then grow the seed, but often distributes some seed (or seedlings) to other enthusiasts around the world. As a result of lots of luck but also considerable skill, one or more of the many baby plants will show promise and be allowed to grow to maturity.

The next step comes when the grower evaluates the mature plants to determine which should be named, registered and possibly distributed commercially.  This process cannot be done quickly, so many years may pass before a named hybrid appears on plant lists like the one that follows.

We have not attempted to identify all of the individuals involved in this process. Instead we have divided the list into two geographical areas; Hybrids grown and named in Australia or New Zealand and those grown and named in the United States (we are sure we have made some errors, so please help us to correct them). We would like to list hybridizers, growers, etc. but are afraid of leaving someone out. Maybe you can help?

Please note that the species which plant growers have called R. lochiae has had the name changed to R. viriosum. The species now named R. lochiae is very rare in cultivation.


KEY to hybrid Vireyas:

Hybrids always have a single quote mark (‘), species are in Italics

A/NZ = Australian and New Zealand hybrids;        (Pacific Coast and USA named hybrids, all the remainder)

HH = hybrids which might adjust to hot, humid, low-altitude regions, based on parentage.

J = good for beginners (blooms at a young age and its size is easy to manage).

R. ‘ALEKSANDR ISAYEVICH’,  V411 (laetum x leucogigas) x konori. A strong medium to tall-growing bush with elegant bold foliage. Huge flowers of heavy substance and rich fragrance. Warm pink-edged lobes, fading to a creamy-yellow tube. Blooms at a young age.  1, yr C   (Named by Peter Sullivan for the Soviet dissident )

R. ‘ANACAPA’  V620  ‘Marshall Pierce Madison’ x javanicum    Sturdy growth habit, medium to tall, with a large full truss of brilliant coral-red flowers framed by large shiny leaves. Named by Bill Moynier for one of the little islands off the coast of S. California.                 1 yr and older 4 & 5 yr C

R. ‘ANATTA GOLD’   V745  HH    (laetum x zoelleri G. G.) x (zoelleri x leucogigas)  A blaze of golden trusses cover a well-branched medium size bush.   1, 2, 3 yr & older B

R. ‘APRICOT GEM’.  V755  A/NZ  J   macgregoriae hybrid. Bushy and moderately compact. Free flowering with clusters of apricot-orange flowers. Easy and adaptable.  2, 3 yr B

R. ‘ARAVIR’,  V145 HH  J  konori x (‘Pink Delight’ x jasminiflorum). Low to medium bush with very attractive foliage and well- branched growth habit. Fragrant, medium sized, waxy white flowers, 7-10 per truss.  1, 2, yr B

R. ‘AVALON’,  V402 ‘Shasta x aurigeranum. Low to moderate bush with rounded shiny leaves. Large, open, bright yellow flowers in a well-shaped truss.   1, 3 yr B    W. Moynier

R. ‘BARAM BAYʼ  V191     (konori x laetum) x brookeanum ‘ Mandarin’. Distinctive thick stiff leaves with red petiole, mid-rib and narrow red border. Medium to tall habit. Open and angular. Large dark red buds open up to eight to ten large flowers of a startling “Fire Engine” red.   2, 4 yr B

R. ‘BELISARʼ V152  HH  J (laetum x zoelleri) x (macgregoriae x zoelleri) A frequent blooming, vivid bi-color, red-orange and gold with medium size flowers. Upright growing, but easy to maintain at the height you want. Photo by Mitch Mitchell       1, 2 yr B

R. ‘BIRAT’S REDʼ,  V648  HH  CW & regarded as affinity of R. zoelleri,   An upright well-branched growth habit, with dark green leaves. Grown and named by Norman Cruttwell in Papua New Guinea. The color is soft luminous red. New leaves have sparse rusty scales. Collected at Birat, Milne Bay, PNG.  1, 3, yr B  Medium height here but taller in Hawaii. Actually everything is taller in Hawaii.

R. ‘BENDIGO GOLDʼ,  V740  A/NZ    (no full description yet, but it is gold !)  2, 3 yr B

R. ‘BLOND BOMBSHELLʼ,  V764        A/NZ    laetum x ‘Sweet Wendy’  A lovely pale yellow hybrid with 5 to 6 flowers in the truss. Moderate growth habit, medium dark green leaves. Might be fragrant.   3 yr B

R. ‘BLONDIEʼ,  V752  A/NZ   ‘Simbu Sunset’ x ‘Buttermilk’   Bushy medium-tall plant with large, pale yellow flowers, deeper yellow in the throat. Photo by S. Saperstein                2, 3 yr B

R. ‘BLUSHED SPICEʼ,  V457  A/NZ  ‘Haloed Gold’ x herzogii. Strong upright habit with handsome dark green foliage similar to R. herzogii 10 to 15 flowers of creamy white with pink edges. Very fragrant, tubular-flared flowers.     2, 3 yr B  ( Hybridized and named by Brian Oldham, NZ)

R. ‘BOB’S CROWNING GLORYʼ,  V459  A/NZ  viriosum x leucogigas ‘Hunsteins Secret’. Strong spreading habit to 3 feet and large oblong leaves. Large trusses of fragrant, very large, deep rose-pink flowers.  4, 5 yr C

R. ‘BRONZE WARRIORʼ  V461  HH A/NZ   (hybrid cross unknown to us) A compact bush covered with balls of orange, medium-sized flowers. Does well in the sun.    2 & 4 yr B

R. ‘BUGLE BOY’ V750  A/NZ   (‘Tropic Glow’ x culmincolum)              1, 3 yr B

R. ‘CAPE COD SUNSHINE’  V465   HH  aurigeranum x laetum  Named by Dick Chaikin   Large golden flowers light up this tall growing, sturdy bush. Responds well to pruning. Dick had introduced some of the early US hybrids himself and had a Vireya nursery on Cape Cod. He is now enjoying the plants in Florida   1, 2, 5 yr B

R. ‘CARA MIA’ V465  A/NZ  ‘Simbu Sunset x (aurigeranum x ‘Dr. Sleumer’). Medium dense upright habit and great foliage. Very free flowering. Fragrant large upwards-pointing trumpets, creamy with raspberry pink edges.   2 yr B

R. ‘CARILLON BELLS’,  V467   A/NZ  J  gracilentum x laetum,  Miniature compact habit, frequent bloomer. Small flowers are rose pink with a salmon throat. Pot or hanging basket.   1, 2 yr A

R. ‘CHARLOTTE JANE’ V468 A/NZ  (also named ‘Tashbaan’ in the USA)  (‘Sir George Holford’ x leucogigas) x aurigeranum  Long dark leaves are the perfect background for the large butterscotch gold flowers. Easy to keep at a medium tall size.   Photo by R. Currie 1, 3, 5 yr B

R. ‘CHARMING VALENTINOʼ, V469  A/NZ  ‘St. Valentine’ x ‘St. Valentine’,   Spreading bushy growth. Crimson red bells. Basket,group planting or for a low border.   Photo by Min-tun Teng   4 yr A

R.  ‘CINNAMON PINK’  V473   A/NZ  (cross unknown to us)  Everything about this hybrid is big! Leaves, truss, flowers, growth habit. Don’t be afraid to keep it under control. The six large, richly fragrant flowers are a soft coral wit a yellow glow .    1, 2 yr C

R. ‘CORAL FLARE’ V474  A/NZ    viriosum x laetum   Low spreading habit and frequent flowering. Ideal for the garden, tub or a large basket. Coral -pink medium size flowers.  1, 2, 3 yr B

R. ‘CORAL SEAS’ V478  A/NZ   ‘Pink Delight’ x ‘Simbu Sunset’   Deep coral-pink flowers with a yellow throat make up frequent clusters on this medium size, bushy Vireya. Photo by Chris Callard    2 yr B

R. ‘CREAM SPICE’ V770  A/NZ  Looks like R. herzogii and it might be one of the parents. Neat bushy, medium upright growth habit. Erect tubular white flowers, very fragrant and it blooms at a young age.   1, 3 yr B   (hybridized and named by Brian Oldham in New Zealand)

R. ‘CRESSY’  V479   (laetum x zoelleri) x jasminiflorum var. punctatum  Five to seven salver shaped flowers of deep purplish pink fading to a lighter color. Flowers have yellow-green tubes outside and fragrance.  2 yr B

R. ‘CRISTO REY’  V101 HH  (macgregoriae x zoelleri ) x (laetum x zoelleri) A striking yellow-gold and red-orange bi-color, with 6-8 funnel shaped flowers in a domed truss. Unlike some laetum x zoelleri hybrids this plant has a good branching habit and can easily be maintained at a moderate size.  1, 2 yr B

R. ‘CYRIL’ V84     leucogigas x (konori laetum)  Gorgeous large 4″ flowers, pale, satiny-yellow edged with pale pink in a long lasting truss with rich fragrance. Sturdy but slow, eventually tall.   a few older plants  C

R. ‘DAWN CHORUS’ V481   HH  A/NZ  J  ‘Tropic Glow’ x ‘Tropic Glow’. Upright bushy habit, glossy leaves, medium-size flowers, pastel pink and cream. Good container or garden plant. A favorite of our visitors.  2, 3 yr B

R. ‘DI’S SURPRISE’    V482 A/NZ    Hybrid cross unknown  Vivid large coral-rose flowers in a full truss. Sturdy growth habit, medium tall with large leaves of firm texture. Very similar to our V377.     1, 2, 5 yr C

R. ‘DORIS MOSSMAN’  V107  (zoelleri x macgregoriae) x stenophyllum   Shiny red-orange waxy bells along with dark green needle-like leaves, that are also like the parent stenophyllum. Pollen collected on Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo   2, 4 B

R. ‘DR. HERMAN SLEUMER’  V32    phaeopeplum x zoelleri  Seed collected in the wild. Distinctive olive green scaly leaves, bushy moderate growth. 3-6 beautiful large fragrant flowers, flared petals of deep pink with a cream-yellow throat.    1, 4 yr C

R. ‘ELEGANT BOUQUET’  V484  A/NZ   (konori x phaeopeplum) x aurigeranum   A medium to tall growth habit with leaves to match. A large truss of fragrant, pale yellow flowers edged with pink. Photo by N. Puddey   2 yr B

R. ‘EMMANUEL’  V121 (zoelleri x javanicum) x ‘Dr. H. Sleumer’    Striking red-orange medium flowers on a medium size, well branched bush. Easy bloomer.              1, 2, yr B

R. ‘ESPRIT de JOIE’  V485  A/NZ  konori x laetum Tall strong habit with bold dark green foliage. Fragrant large flowers in shades of cherry-red to rose-pink with cream throat.    3, 4 yr B

R. ‘FELICITAS’ V171 ‘Nancy Miller Adler’ x konori. Fragrant white flowers, flushed with pink. Lovely foliage plant, compact mounding habit. Grows beautifully in a large basket.  2 yr B

R. ‘FELINDA’ V122 (phaeopeplum x viriosum) x leucogigas. Very large fragrant pale pink flowers with narrow deep pink rays at the intersections of the lobes, 7-8 flowers per truss. Large dark green leaves and sturdy growth, medium to tall.   1, 5 yr C

R. ‘FIREPLUM’ V487 A/NZ  (phaeopeplum x viriosum) x zoelleri  An accurate name for a plant whose blooms stand out even in a colorful greenhouse. Growth habit is pleasing, low and well branched. One of our favorites. It won the Vireya trophy at the Portland Mothers Day show in 2011. Photo by K & G Hagan  2, 3, 4 yr B

R. ‘FIRST LIGHT’  V488  A/NZ  J  ‘Pink Delight’ x jasminiflorum Frequent, fragrant clear pink flowers on a compact bush with dark green, glossy leaves. Adaptable and a good-do-er. Bovees photo   1, 2 yr B

R. ‘FLAMINGO BAY’  V135  (aurigeranum x ‘Dr. Sleumer’) x leucogigas, selfed, clone 1. Arne Jensen? Long a favorite of ours that we grow in baskets. We finally remembered to take some cuttings. Slow growing with hanging branches and frequent soft pastel-apricot flowers, medium to large in size with equally pleasing foliage. No fragrance but that is all it lacks. Sorry, only 1 yr C this year.

R. ‘FLAMENCO DANCER’  V405  A/NZ  aurigeranum x macgregoriae  Another aptly named hybrid. Round, multi-flowered trusses flaunt their bright yellow-orange skirts over this low to medium size bush. Photo by C. Fairweather  1, 2, 3 yr B

R. ‘FROSTED CANDY’  V753  A/NZ  konori x [aurigeranum x (‘Dr. Sleumer’ x leucogigas)]. Strong upright bush with excellent large dark foliage. Huge truss of fragrant cream to white flowers with frosted pink edges.  2, 3 yr C

R. ‘GARDENIA ODYSSEY’   V489    A/NZ CW in Papua, natural hybrid, 1973. Named by Lyn Craven (Aust). Medium tall upright habit, large felted leaves. Huge full trusses of up to 20 and more flowers, cream tinted pink. Fragrant.  2, 3, 4 C

R. ‘GILDED SUNRISE’  V747   A/NZ  aurigeranum x laetum  Such a fortunate marriage of two golden species couldn’t help but to produce a gilded sunrise. Vigorous and tall with 6 to 8 large flowers in each truss   3, 4 yr BV491  A

R. ‘GOLDEN CHARM’ V491  A/NZ HH ‘Princess Alexandra’ x macgregoriae, Compact bushy spreading growth with polished bronze foliage. Full clusters of small flowers in shades of yellow and apricot.   2, 3 yr B

R. ‘GOLDEN GIRL’ V564  A/NZ  retivenium x ‘Tropic Glow’. Large bell-shaped golden flowers touched with pale orange. Strong upright bush with firm glossy leaves.  1, 2, 3 yr C

R. ‘GOSSAMER WHITE’  V493  A/NZ HH loranthiflorum x laetum. An elegant spreading bush with neat foliage and many trusses of medium size, white trumpet-shaped flowers. Lightly fragrant.  3 yr B

R. ‘GREAT SCENTSATION’  V494  A/NZ  konori x viriosum A dramatic shrub, large and spreading, with equally striking flowers, rich deep pink and fragrant.   1, 3 yr B  (same cross as ‘Cape Cod Cranberry’)

R.  ‘GUINEVERE’  V737  A/NZ   jasminiflorum x unknown    [To add a little spice, Guinevere was King Arthur’s unfaithful queen, and mistress of Lancelot] This suitably feminine hybrid has very fragrant, narrow trumpet shaped flowers, pale pink shading to white in a multi flowered truss. Pleasing low mounding growth habit. Photo by R. Currie  2, 3, 4 yr

R. ‘HALOED GOLD’  V495  A/NZ  christianae x ‘Tropic Glow. Strong upright habit with glossy foliage. Sun-tolerant. Rich yellow-gold with a edged band of bright red-orange. Rippled petals. Frequent bloomer.    2 yr B

R. ‘HANSA BAY’ V81  HH  laetum x zoelleri ‘Golden Gate. A beautiful red-orange and gold bi-color, distinguished from other bi-colors by its branching habit and longer elliptical leaves. Tall growing.    2, 3 yr B

R. ‘HAPPY WANDERER’   V496     ‘Oriana’ x ‘Rosy Chimes’  A really charming small Vireya that lives up to its name. I suppose one could apply discipline and make this plant conform to a small bush shape, but it is more fun to let it go it’s own way (within reason of course) opening the smallish red flowers wherever. A good basket plant? of course!  Photo by R. Curie  1, 2, 3 yr B

R. ‘HARRY WU’ V85  zoelleri x leucogigas.  From a large, dark red bud come 4-5 very large flowers the color of a ripe peach. The tube is deeper reddish gold with dark red pedicel. Sturdy thick growth, large heavy leaves, tall. Harry Wu is a very courageous Chinese dissident under U.S. protection. ARS Vireya of the year 2002.   2 yr C

R. ‘HALLEY’S COMET’  V743  A/NZ   This vigorous vireya is well named. The multi-flowered, large round truss bursts into your vision with long white tubular flowers, edged with a bright border of cerise rose.   2, 3, 4 yr C

R. hellwigii x konori IJ  V276 & 451   John Rouse seed 2/93  This impressive hybrid deserves an impressive name. Strong growing with dramatic “felt” covered leaves, colored rusty brown. You don’t have to wait for the first bloom for many years as with its parent species either. The blooms are large, deep rose-red (not pink) in a large truss. May be lightly fragrant.  2, 3 yr C

R. ‘HIGHLAND ARABESQUE’,  V498   A/NZ  orbiculatum x (laetum x aurigeranum), Slender upright but also a spreading habit, attractive rounded leaves. Silvery-pink orchid-like flowers, 4-7 in a truss. Does well in a basket.   2, 3 yr B

R. ‘HIGHLAND WHITE JADE’  V499  A/NZ  (‘Dr. Sleumer’ x herzogii) x (laetum x aurigeranum) Up to 9 white flowers with a pale yellow throat on a well-branched plant.  May be fragrant. Chris Callard photo     1, 2 yr B

R. ‘HONEY STAR’  V776  A/NZ ‘Star Posy’ x reverse cross. Grown and named by Jan Oldham) . Strong upright grower with clusters of creamy honey-apricot flowers. Free flowering.  1, 3 yr B

R. ‘HOT LIPS’  V500  A/NZ    konori var phaeopeplum x (viriosum x leucogigas).    We were in Auckland visiting Jan and Brian Oldham. I spotted a plant with flowers and foliage very similar to ‘Queensland’. Tall growing, sturdy with big leaves and an extremely fragrant large pink truss. Queensland came to us from Peter Schick and the two plants may be siblings or at least cousins. We called Peter the “Johnny Appleseed” of Vireyas for his generous distribution or plants up, and down our west coast. Photo by R. Currie  1,4 yr C

R. ‘HOT TROPIC’, V501  A/NZ HH  ‘Tropic Glow’ x ‘Tropic Glow’. Dependable frequent bloomer with large red-orange trumpets presented well on a medium size upright plant.  1 yr B

R. ‘HUGH REDGROVE’  V502  A/NZ (a viriosum hybrid) One of my favorites. I like the reddish-green glossy leaves, the low to medium growth habit and especially the waxy red medium sized flowers, 7 to 15 in a rounded truss.     2, 3 yr B

R. ‘INFERNO’  V505 A/NZ      ‘Oriana’ x christi  The species R. christi seems to be dominant in this hybrid, both foliage, flower and growth habits. The two-tone flowers are red-orange and yellow-gold. very eye catching. The growth habit tends toward “willowy”.  Photo by R. Curie    1, 2 yr B

R. ‘IRIAN JAYA’   V758  A/NZ      viriosum x ‘Pink Delight’    Eleven to twelve tubular-shaped, deep coral-pink flowers in a truss on a shrub to 3 feet tall.   Photo by K & G Hagan  1, 3 yr B

R. ‘IVORY COAST’ V504  A/NZ   (cross unknown to us) A rounded upright, well-branched bush. Interesting small flowers, sparkling white with a center of protruding pink stamens.  4, 5 yr B

R. ‘JANET NOELLE’  V765  A/NZ    ‘Dr H Sleumer ‘ x leucogigas.   Medium pink 7 lobed flowers on an upright plant. Fragrant. We will have more details when it blooms next time.  Photo by Browns Nursery  1, 2, 4 yr C

R. ‘JAVA ROSE’ V508  A/NZ  A/NZ   ‘Salmon Sensation’ x javanicum   From this single cross have come a throng of exceptional hybrids including, ‘John Silver’, ‘John West’, ‘Orange Queen’, ‘Red Socks’, ‘Trifle’, ‘Will Orange’, ‘Will Silent’ and others. All share similar characteristics; well-branched, bushy growth habit, large glossy foliage and tightly packed, large full trusses with up to 15 large flowers, sometimes ruffled. Color’s may range from orange to red-orange and red. ‘Jave Rose’ is one of the more red ones and is also considered a “double”. Photo by Browns Nursery  2, 3, 4 yr C 2, 3, 4 yr B

R. ‘JEAN BAPTISTE’  V506   A/NZ   (laetum x leucogigas) x konori var. phaeopeplum     Flowers are very pale pink fading to white-cream, large, ruffeled and fragrant and up to 6 in a truss. Flowers emerge from a large, dark red bud.  Photo by K & G Hagan  3, 4 yr C

R. ‘JIM HILLEGASS’  V650  HH  (javanicum x ‘Triumphans’) x aurigeranum. Nice bushy upright growth habit and glossy leaves. Bright pastel orange flowers, up to 8 per truss.   2, 3, yr B

R ‘JOCKS CAIRN’ V24  HH  J  (Parentage uncertain, (brookeanum x javanicum ?) May be old Veitch hybrid. Was known as brookeanum var. gracile. Very fine dome trusses, 10-14 tubular funnel-shaped flowers of a strong pinkish red with deep pink throat. Vigorous growth, handsome foliage, medium habit. Note: Named in recognition of Jock Brydons early efforts to bring vireyas to the U.S.A. ARS Vireya of the year 2004.     3 yr B

R. ‘KIKORI BAY’   V93  HH   (macgregoriae x zoelleri) x (laetum x zoelleri) clone #3  Another bi-colored hybrid originating in California and brought to us by Peter Schick. It turned out to have five extra large flowers, brilliant red-orange and gold, in an open truss. A well branched plant habit, not as tall as some bi-colors. Very nice plant which we thought deserved a name.  1, 2, 3 yr B

R. ‘LAKE WISSEL’  V94    ‘Dr. H Sleumer’ x herzogii     I’ve always been attracted to this intriguing plant, probably brought to us by Peter Schick. Neat, medium small, oval leaves much like R. herzogiii, frame trusses of tubular-flared white flowers that are very fragrant. But its most unusual feature is the growth habit, best described as “like Tinker Toy Construction”. Because of this plant’s rich fragrance, my suggestion would be to use it as a container plant, close to your outdoor living area.  2, 3 B

R. ‘LEMON LIGHT’  V511  A/NZ   ‘Princess Alexandra’ x konori  This lovely plant is small growing, ours is 15 inches high and wide, with a tendency to trail its branches downward (making it very suitable for a hanging basket) and producing frequent small clusters of pale yellow flowers. Photo by R Currie 2,3 yr B

R. ‘LEMON LOVELY’  V512    A/NZ    retivenium x ‘Oriana’ Spectacular large lemon yellow flowers flushed with pinkish-orange, up to 9 per truss. Glossy long narrow leaves on an upright open bush of moderate size.      3 yr C

R. ‘LENORE FRANCES’ V350   (macgregoriae x aurigeranum)x ‘Dr. Herman Sleumer’. This is a moderate growing upright bush with good foliage. It also has bright colorful trusses with 8-10 flowers. Cherry red corolla face with cream throat and light fragrance.  1, 4 yr B

R. ‘LEON BLOY’ V651   konori x zoelleri Multicolor deep pink with light yellow outside. Scented flowers and large dark green leaves. Strong, well branched growth habit. Photo by S Bertelmann    3, 4 yr B

R. ‘LITTLE PINKIE’   V516   A/NZ   (cross is unknown to us)  Bright cerise-pink, medium small flowers cover this low, well branched plant. It does better with pruning when young to promote branching. Makes a great pot plant or a low hedge.  3 yr B

R. ‘LOLITA’   V749    A/NZ  (intranervatum x ‘Pink Delight’) x javanicum. Full trusses of a blend of orange and gold, darker on the outside.   Moderate growth and distinctive glossy foliage.  Photo by R Currie 2 yr B

R. ‘LOLLIPOP GROUP’  V252     (konori var. phaeopeplum x leucogigas) x phaeochitum. Slow growing and compact, well branched to 3 ft. in 10 years. Dark olive-green rounded leaves with a dusting of dark scales. Medium size tubular-flared flowers, 3-5 in a truss, soft pink with a paler pink tube. Very fragrant. Photo by J Kenyon 2, 3 yr B

R. ‘LUCIE SORENSEN’ V329    J  macgregoriae x bagobonum. Miniature bright orange flowers, 3/4” and of firm waxy texture, appear all year long. Small bright green leaves, in trusses of 5 to 7 flowers. Compact, upright with good branching to 1 ½ – 2 feet. Often taller in Hawaii.  A good doer.   a few 2 yr B

R. ‘MARUDU BAY’    V293    (zoelleri x macgregoriae) x suaveolens.  Frank Mossman/Bovees. Unusual full trusses of 12-14 flowers, long pencil thin tubes, pure white with flared petals edged in shell pink. The flowers are very delicate and sparkling against the shiny stiff-green leaves. Makes an excellent hanging plant.     4 yr B

R. ‘MISS MUFFETT’  V739  A/NZ  (cross is unknown to us)  Bright cerise-pink, medium small flowers cover this low, well branched plant. It does better with pruning when young to promote branching. Makes a great pot plant or a low hedge. Photo by M Colombel  3 yr B

R. ‘MOUNT KAINDI’  V139  HH  (aurigeranum x ‘Dr. Sleumer’) x (‘Triumphans’ x javanicum).  Bushy, well-branched shape, to 4 feet in 10 years. Long dark green leaves. Rounded truss with large flowers and recurved petals. Unusual color is pastel peach fading to pale yellow-cream.  4 yr B

R. ‘NANCY MILLER ADLER’ V22  ‘Pink Delight’ x jasminiflorum. A neat compact growth habit, plus smallish, shiny leaves provide a suitable background for the white and pale pink small fragrant flowers. Up to 8 in a truss. Photo by S Bertelmann   2,3 yr B

R. ‘ORANGERIE BAY’ V26   J  viriosum x culminicolum #5. A very neat little plant with rounded dark green leaves. Prolific, long-lasting blooms, flared-tubular, of bright coral-rose. Basket or pot plant. Photo by S Bertelmann   3 yr B

R. ‘PACIFIC SUNDOWN’   V522  A/NZ   ‘Apricot Nectar’ x zoelleri . Our description is scanty but we do know that it has seven bright coral-orange, medium size flowers in the truss on probably a low to medium bush.   3 yr B

R. ‘PAINTED LADY’ V742   A/NZ  parentage unknown. A free-flowering upright plant. Bright cherry-red petals contrast with a rich yellow throat accented by red stamens.   3 yr B

R. ‘PASTENALLO’ V523  A/NZ  aurigeranum x konori. A strong bushy grower with large fragrant creamy-yellow flowers in a big truss enhanced by large “felted” dark leaves. 1, 3 yr B

R. ‘PAVLOVA’ V149   (aurigeranum x ‘Dr. Sleumer’) x leucogigas. Medium sized open bush with distinctive, scaly dark brownish-green leaves. Large fragrant flowers, 4-7 per truss, pale yellow.  NOTE: this name can not be registered because it has been used for another Rhododendron previously. So far we have not come up with another name for this lovely plant.    4 yr B

R. ‘PINK PIZAZZ’  V526  A/NZ   konori x zoelleri  Like others from this cross, ‘Pink Pizazz’ is a vigorous strong-growing Vireya. Our description is scanty but includes 4 to 6 large flowers, vivid dark-pink with white and yellow.  Photo by R Currie  3, 4 yr B

R. ‘PINK RAINIER’  V393  A phaeochitum hybrid from Strybing Arboretum. We have admired this beautiful plant for years and are finally offering it on a limited basis. Compact growing, with lovely dark green scaly leaves. Large pastel pink flowers with a rich fragrance.    1, 3, 4 yr B

R. ‘PINK RAY’, V527  A/NZ  (cross unknown to us)  A strong, sturdy, medium shrub, easy to grow. An impressive truss of large soft pink flowers with a light fragrance.    3, 4 yr B

R. ‘QUEENSLAND’  V52   J  (konori var. phaeopeplum x viriosum) x leucogigas. A thick branched, tall-growing plant with sturdy, glossy leaves that have reddish stems and veins. Very large flowers of deep rich pink, 7-8 petals and recurved. Very fragrant. Blooms at a young age.  4, 5 yr C

R. ‘RA’  V529  A/NZ   (laetum x zoelleri #1) x Os’s ‘Oriana’  From Oz Blumhardt, NZ   Definitely another favorite of ours. A plant that flashes its dark red-orange and yellow-gold flowers, 6 to a truss. Attractive bushy growth habit with red stems. Photo by R Currie   1, 2 yr B

R. ‘RANGITUTO ROSE’   V530  A/NZ ‘Dr. H Sleumer’ x leucogigas.   Hybrized by Oz Blumhardt, raised and named by Rita Watson in New Zealand. The only difference from ‘Rio Rita’ is the color, pastel peach-pink with a bright yellow center. Photo by R Currie  1, 4 yr C